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“Absurd Blog” is merely a magical marketing ploy I adopted because AbsurdBlog.com was the only good domain name available — if a draft post or comic makes me laugh then it’s done.

In real life I’m a computer programmer. If you don’t want to sue me or kill me feel free to email me at dirk sj at AbsurdBlog.com and I’ll probably reply within a few weeks.

“Dirk Pitt” was a pen name I occasionally used in a comic strip named Stick I ran in the 1990s in a Washington DC alternative newsweekly named “Scene Magazine.”  I recently discovered that the author Clive Cussler (on one of whose characters the pen name was based) trademarked “Dirk Pitt,” so that sucks, although I don’t know what if anything it implies legally. And since “Dirk” without “Pitt” doesn’t do it for me I may pay a lawyer for ambiguous guidance      pay a lawyer for solid guidance      use      “Johannes Maximus the Badger”       my real name       “Steve McTanna”     “Baba Ghanoush Media”        “Fisherman of Lies”            “The Fifth Weasel”      YOSSI !        “S.J. Shamus.”

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