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“Absurd Blog” is merely a magical marketing ploy I adopted because AbsurdBlog.com was the only good domain name available — if a draft post or comic makes me laugh then it’s done.

In real life I’m a computer programmer. If you don’t want to sue me or kill me feel free to email me at dirk sj at AbsurdBlog.com and I’ll probably reply within a few weeks.

“Dirk Pitt” was a pen name I occasionally used in a comic strip named Stick I ran in the 1990s in a Washington DC alternative newsweekly named “Scene Magazine.”  I recently discovered that the author Clive Cussler (on one of whose characters the pen name was based) trademarked “Dirk Pitt,” so that sucks, although I don’t know what if anything it implies legally. And since “Dirk” without “Pitt” doesn’t work for me I may pay a lawyer for ambiguous guidance      pay a lawyer for useful guidance      use      my real name      my brother’s name         my finest invisible cat’s name “Captain Dick McTanna”     “Baba Ghanoush Media”        “Fisherman of Lies”      “The Nocturnal Weasel”      “Fitzsimmons of Portsmouth”    “The Pride of Mountain Dew”          “S.J. Shamus.”